Suunto Ambit3 Review

The Suunto Ambit3 is designed to be the best option for an outdoor GPS watch. It comes packed with built in features for multisport, navigation, heart rate monitor, connections, and analysis on Suunto’s website. It is a great match for athletes or fitness enthusiasts that love outdoor activity.

Multi-Sport Capabilities

Sunnto’s running watch was built for different outdoor activities, acting as an all-inclusive partner for your workouts. It contains presets to track sports such as running, swimming, and cycling.  Results can be found and displayed on the company’s website for comparisons and post-analysis reviews.


The Ambit3 comes with GPS and built-in navigation to track and guide users through off-road terrains. The best part of this feature lets users create interest points, save coordinates, and use way points to navigate through unbeaten paths. For further accuracy, the GPS watch contains an altimeter that provides elevations on where you currently are. Runners and trekkers can view metrics such as vertical speed, ascent, descent, along with an altitude graph.

Adventurers that are looking for a GPS centered watch can look no more as the Sunnto Ambit2 takes seconds to connect with accuracy. Its technology allows it to connect to satellites and pinpoints your location within seconds. Best of all, it’s compass is a great addition and accurate at displaying where north is at all times.

Heart Rate Monitor

Sunto’s running watch also includes a heart rate monitor that measures your pulse when connected to a heart rate device. When synced, the fitness watch displays your heart rate, beats per minute, limits, and averages throughout your routine. For this feature to work, runners will have to separately purchase a heart rate strap or wrist band to measure these statistics


Owners of the watch will also find a convenient USB attachment that links to the watch for charging and transferring data. It hooks conveniently onto the side of the watch and data is transferred instantly to your account on Movescount. The Suunto Ambit3 also contains ANT+ capabilities to connect to heart rate monitors and cycling attachments for further readings.

The Sunto fitness site contains details and breakdowns of your previous activities. Not only does it display interactive graphs and maps, but Movescount also provides details not shown on the watch. This includes heart rate readings such as VO2 max and heart rate zones.

Aside from Suunto’s Movescount platform, the Ambit3 can connect to other online sport communities such as Strava and TrainingPeaks. This gives the running watch versatility if you are already dedicated to tracking your results on a specific website.


For the price, there are some quirks to consider as the GPS watch has some inconveniences. Suunto’s device runs silent and does not contain a vibrating alert system. Users are not able to know when they’ve reached a goal or is falling short of one. The device is also computer orientated as some metrics do not show up on the watch. Connecting the GPS watch to other devices may be a hassle as it’s ANT+ sensors have trouble pairing at times. It may take a few tries to connect to your heart strap or cadence sensor.


Suunto’s Ambit3 is an extraordinary running watch with a powerful GPS that is great for numerous outdoor activities. It contains excellent features to navigate through rough terrain and will always be consistent, on your journey, with its long battery life.