Cateye Stealth Evo+

The Cateye Stealth Evo+ is part of a longstanding tradition of cycling accessories produced by the company since 1954. Their first cycling computer was produced in 1981, and Cateye has continued creating new technologies to fit all riders.

This device is an entry level computer which provides many measurements including, power, balance, heart rate, cadence, speed, time, and elevation. This unit utilizes buttons to adjust and switch between menus. It provides 3 measurements per page and has ANT+ capabilities to connect to other devices. The Stealth Evo+ can record up to 2 trips and has an estimated battery life of 10 hours.

Like other companies, Cateye has their CatEyeAtlas App to record and view your cycling trip. It is also compatible with Strava and Training Peek platforms for further analysis. Although the device is a great all-in-one starter computer, it does have some flaws.

One of the main downfalls in this device is the actual battery life and limited information per screen. When connected to all ANT+ devices, battery life is anywhere from 4-5 hours in actual. The limited measurements per page may also be a hindrance for riders who want more information to be displayed at once. Lastly, the computer has difficulty uploading data to Mac OS’s as it is not streamlined.

Overall, the Cateye Stealth Evo+ is a great entry-level device that can measure numerous amount of information while being an affordable option for the masses.