Best Running Gear for Beginners

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When you’re a beginning runner, the entire activity and everything that has to do with it can seem more intimidating than it does exciting. This is unfortunate because running can work wonders on not just your physical weight and stamina but also your mental health, and a positive support system should be making you feel excited to get started on this new journey. In any case, having an idea of the right kind of running gear you should buy that’s right for you. It can be easy to mix up all the different kinds of athletic supplies. Fortunately, the best running gear can be only a few clicks away.

Moisture Wicking to Reduce Irritation While Running

Good athletic gear is moisture-wicking, and this is especially important for running gear. When you run, there’s no question that your body heats up and needs to expel sweat. If you feel damp and uncomfortable when you run, you’re much less likely to want to continue with the activity. That’s why the moisture-wicking technology of running clothing and accessories is so important – you feel better wearing them, and it allows you to focus on how your muscles feel rather than your skin.

This is especially a bonus for if it ever starts to rain while you’re out on your run. You wouldn’t want to go for a run in wet jeans, would you? In any case, it’s important for the fabric to remain dry, whether it’s from rain or your sweat. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a plain cotton T-shirt and cotton shorts, as long as you’re comfortable, but those are much more likely to simply absorb the sweat and have you feeling a bit more damp rather than true moisture-wicking fabric.

Lightweight Running Gear is Best

The optimal running clothing should be lightweight and streamlined, whether you’re a beginning runner or if you’ve been running marathons for years. This is so that it is easy for you to run. You can look up the physics of aerodynamics and study it if you want to, but here’s the short version: lightweight, streamlined clothing allow you to move faster and easier through the air. It makes perfect sense if you think about it simply. You don’t want your skin to feel burdened under heavy layers – that will slow you down, make you feel hot, and wear you out. That’s why the lightest options are your best choices.

All Weather Options are a Plus

That being said, running gear should be suitable for all kinds of different weather. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that you should amass a variety of types of clothes that are ideal for different conditions. For example, if you like to run outside even when it’s cold, it’s probably a good idea to invest in long running leggings and a long-sleeved shirt or lightweight jacket. It’s also a good idea to get some athletic earmuffs or some other headwrap or type of headband to help keep your ears warm. It’s best to wear light layers so that you don’t feel bulky, sweaty, or restricted, but that any exposed skin is protected from the cold and/or the sun.

Proper Support is Vital

When it comes to support, your running gear should be your best friend in the sense that you always feel comfortable and well-supported. Perhaps the most important running accessory you can buy are your sneakers. Don’t rush into this decision; take your time and test them out. Running on the wrong pair of shoes can at best be a little painful but at worst cause serious damage to your feet and legs.

If you need it, it’s also critical that you carefully choose a high-quality and supportive sports bra. Choose one that advertises “high-impact” support, even if you don’t feel like you will need all of it. Better safe than sorry! Wearing the wrong kind of sports bra during exercise can cause pain and injury to your back, shoulders, and even your neck.

Budget Friendly

Maybe one of the most important things to consider when it comes to investing in running gear is, of course, your budget. If you’re not making smart choices when it comes to your budget, there is almost no point in trying to branch out your daily activities. When you start a new activity, it’s imperative that the other aspects of your life remain stable.

So while the Lulu Lemon models might look good, splurging on those clothes and accessories is not a smart idea and can’t just magically make you look those models. It’s an easy trap to fall into, especially for beginners. That’s why it’s especially good to take some time and look up the brands you’re buying from. You’ll find that you can definitely get a good deal even if it’s not a brand that you’re familiar with.


Aside from the qualities of the clothing themselves, it’s also super helpful for all of your gear to be portable, so it’s probably a smart plan to get a sports bag. You never know when you’ll have time to run to the gym. A sports bag is a great idea because you can keep your wallet, keys, and phone in there without having to take a purse with you, as well as easily carrying a change of clothes, shoes, and a refillable water bottle. Keeping your bag half-packed at all times is a good idea because it will reduce the time it takes you to get ready and pack up before heading out to exercise, which will also lessen the excuses you can make for yourself to avoid working out.


All in all, the truth is that what makes up the “best” running gear is up to the individual. All that matters at the end of the day is that your clothing, shoes, and equipment make you feel comfortable and empowered. You need to make sure that your body feels healthy in your clothes and that you’re not accidentally injuring yourselves or straining your muscles in the process of trying to become healthier. Additionally, all of your gear should be portable, easy to keep clean, and available at a reasonable price so that it becomes a part of your lifestyle as seamlessly as possible.

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Best Running Gear for Beginners

When you’re a beginning runner, the entire activity and everything that has to do with it can seem more intimidating than it does exciting. This is unfortunate because running can work wonders on not just your physical weight and stamina but also your mental health,...

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