Polar V650

The Polar V650 is a Finnish cycling computer that was created in 2014. Their device features a color touch screen with award winning designs. In addition, the computer comes with a heart rate strap and handlebar mount.

The interesting fact about the V650 is that it connects to other sensor devices via Bluetooth. By now, most devices have both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, but Bluetooth sensors are still not as common. The V650 provides an all-inclusive GPS device that contains detailed features such as heart rate, power, and cadence. Each page displays up to 6 metrics to oversee during trips. Also, it incorporates multi-profiles for different setups and road types. A neat feature is the LED safety light at the top of the computer which is built for emergency situations.

A few indicators to point out is the device’s Bluetooth sensor. There are not as many Bluetooth metric devices compared to ANT+. Customers may have fewer options to choose from and cannot utilize older ANT+ sensors. Also, one of the biggest flaws is the battery life as the device only lasts up to 10 hours, making it difficult for longer rides.

In the end, Polar’s V650 is a great device for individuals that cycle constantly, desiring all the bells and whistles of a cycling computer.  The limited battery life sets the device to work better for half day journeys and is not the best for competitive riders.