Review of the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar has thoroughly expanded within the fitness industry with their latest GPS cycling computers, running watches, and extended heart rate monitors. Although the tech world has been oozing over optical watches that measure your pulse, the best heart rate sensors still reside within chest straps. The Polar H7 heart rate monitor is one of the best chest straps in the market, and we go over some reasons why along with the accuracy of its embedded technology.

Accuracy of Chest Straps

Heart rate monitors have expanded into two types between watches and straps. This mainly accounts for accuracy or convenience as each device utilizes their own system to track heart rate.

Found on the Polar H7 and all other chest heart rate trackers, these devices use electrical technology to measure pulse. It consists of a band around the middle of your torso and uses electrical signatures to read heart rates. Due to the minimized movement, chest straps provide clearer readings with accuracy.

Compared to electrical monitors, optical heart rate trackers provide more comfort by using light technology. These devices are most commonly found in fitness watches as the inside emits a light onto your skin to capture the incoming reflections. Resulted data is then converted into heart rate, but is proven to not be as accurate as electrical chest straps.

Polar H7 Chest Strap 

The Polar H7 strap is a new design that ensures maximum accuracy, connectivity, and comfort in its design. The heart monitor strap contains electrodes on the inside of the band to measure your heart rate. A strip of plastic surrounds these measuring tools and snaps on at the front of your torso to connect the sensor.

Embedded within its technology, the Polar H7 is Blue Tooth enabled to connect to more devices. They can be paired with other Polar items or smart phones to check your status. In addition, the H7 directly connects to a list of applications such as Runtastic and Endomondo. This way, your high-end strap does not have to be connected to a fitness device and works right off your phone.

Polar’s heart rate monitor can also connect to fitness equipment and track your pulse underwater. There are a few devices, ranging from treadmills to ellipticals, that can directly connect with this chest strap. A logo will be provided on the side of each machine to show compatibility with certain companies. Lastly, the strap is fully waterproof and can be worn while swimming and can only connect to devices with a 5-kHz transmission.

In terms of comfort, the heart rate monitor comes in a stretchable nylon-like material that is waterproof. This is the best version yet as the strap fits snugly around your waist and is comfortable enough to not be noticeable during your workout. Additionally, the strap features convenience as its sensors can be detached and strap washed for cleaning.


Compared to the rest of its competitors, Polar’s H7 sensors are a bit large and bulky on when wearing the strap. Accessing the battery compartment takes a bit more effort as it is harder to unscrew.


Overall, the Polar H7 is a top-of-the-line heart rate monitor to purchase and bring to your next workout. Its comfort, accuracy, and connectivity makes it a great option for any type of fitness.

  • Pros
    • Soft and Flexible Nylon
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Waterproof
    • Connects directly to smartphones
  • Cons
    • Bulky sensor
    • Hard to access battery