Garmin Edge 520 Review

Garmin is the dominant force in GPS cycling computers, and the Edge 520 is its latest device. The American company has always generated its products towards the professional rider, giving an array of measurements.

The device is strictly ANT+ and includes 7 buttons around the edge of the computer to navigate through menus. Its Bluetooth capability can provide automatic uploads and notifications from your smart phone. The Edge 520 has a whopping 15-hour battery life and displays up to 5 statistics per page.

What makes this device stand out is its Strava Live compatibility and extended fitness metrics. Not only do updates automatically upload, but others can track your progress in real time. You also receive notifications when you reach a route, taken by friends, as it displays the distance and time for competitive purposes.

Another intriguing feature is the recovery menu and the VO2 oxygen measurement. The device can track and determine how long it will take to recover from the workout before starting another one. The VO2 Max measurement shows the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilize in a session.

Only a few features make the Edge 520 difficult for an owner. The analog buttons limit computer placement as you want to comfortably reach all buttons. The GPS map is also not very detailed and lacks the inclusion of some streets and tracks.

Overall, the Garmin Edge 520 is a nice-sized device packed with advanced features for the professional rider that seriously tracks their metrics.