Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar FT7 is a great cardio and strength training watch for fitness enthusiasts that take their training seriously. Polar’s heart rate watch is a great addition to fitness that creates a scheduled workout focusing on heart rate. It’s an all-in-one shop for maintaining your daily training regimen, making sure you are on track and working efficiently towards your goals.

Day in the life with the FT7

One of the great features with owning a Polar FT7 are the custom features for each person, helping them achieve their goals efficiently. When you put on the watch, it starts by measuring your condition on a daily basis to gather your personal measurements. Afterward, it calculates the results to provide a training level based on your age and current level.

Polar’s heart rate monitor is keen on pulse because it is vital to obtain your fitness goals and condition. The heart rate tracker’s technology enables it to recommend training schedules that fit your situation. By exercising too hard, one may stop before they can benefit, and on the other hand, you may not reach your goal at all if you’re not exercising enough. The Polar FT7 overcomes this challenge by guiding you effectively based off your heart rate and goals.


With personalization, training just became easier with the FT7. This heart rate tracker contains programs that adapt to your fitness habits and suggest targets to continually push yourself towards your goals. It can provide weekly goals in strengthening or improving your cardio and help you reach your goals quickly.

In addition, the watch offers a series of heart rate measurements to keep you on track throughout your workout. Aside from your heartbeat per minute and maximum rate, the Polar FT7 features a target zone mode called the ZonePointer. This is extremely useful as an alarm will notify you if you’re ever too far below the optimal heart zone.

This heart rate watch also provides a mode called Polar Strength Training to build your body. It’s paired with Polar’s heart rate monitor to read your heart rate and effectively train during strength building. Once you conclude a training set, the watch calculates when is the optimal time to resume your next set. This ensures an ideal amount of rest, before each repetition, to effectively workout.

Polar OwnZone

If you’re looking for customization within your fitness sessions, you can control this through OwnZone to create a target zone during a particular routine. The feature essentially displays the heart rate zone you are in and keeps you engaged through intense spurts for increasing your aerobic levels.


Compared to other devices, the FT7 combines analog push buttons along with their custom pages which can be hard to navigate. The watch is also difficult to view during bright conditions outdoors.


The Polar FT7 is a very fine-tuned fitness watch that measures your heart rate for cardio and strength. It is the perfect companion for those who are more proactive and like to customize their workouts.

  • Pros
    • Ideal for both cardio and strength
    • Custom workout routines
    • Training suggestions to keep you towards goals
    • Compatible with devices to measure distance and speed
    • Price
  • Cons
    • Few menus difficult to navigate
    • Display hard to see in bright lighting