Polar M430

The Polar M430 offers a continuous and accurate heart rate monitor that is included in the standard price of the running watch. What’s more, this heart rate monitor does not require the owner to wear a chest strap, which is typical of some other running watch devices which offer an add-on, but where the heart rate monitor does not come standard. It has integrated GPS, which means it is very accurate for tracking distance, speed, pacing and more. It offers all day tracking of the runner’s activity — not just running — and it offers the option to track food intake, as well as sleeping patterns so that athletes can achieve optimal health through knowledge and analytics. The running watch offers vibration alerts when notifications are pushed from your smartphone, and it will remind you to get moving if your activity has slowed throughout the day.

This running watch is good for both indoor and outdoor runners because it will track indoor running metrics and report back through the app on the smartphone for the runner. It also offers the integrated Polar running program which puts runners through a learn to run program, conditioning program, and more. When you first get the running watch, you can take a 5-minute fitness test to set baselines for your current running abilities and set goals with the new information. It comes in several colors and offers a big, bold, readable digital watch face.