Garmin Edge 800 Review

Garmin’s Edge 800 is the cream of the crop as the device features a color touch screen that resembling the iPhone user interface. The computer includes a temperature measurement while providing more accurate figures at the end of a ride. Also, The Edge 800 displays up to 10 statistics per screen while providing a total 15-hour battery life for all day journeys.

One of the greatest features is the 800’s GPS system. It can be toggled between a 2D or birds-eye-view perspective with directions at every turn. The map interface is detailed and easy-to-use, providing satellite images of the surrounding areas. The 800 also features desired points of interests such as gas stations to convenience stores for breaks. Garmin’s map is perfect for navigating through streets or on bike paths in scenic areas.

A few side effects to note are the glitches and off-roading maps. Garmin developed this product over 4 years ago, and each update provides a few bugs when connecting to applications. There is also a lack in off road maps as most routes have not been integrated into Garmin’s system. Lastly, the device is a bit pricey for users even in professional and competitive use as it retails above $600.

In conclusion, the Garmin Edge 800 is a great top of the line device. It includes more metrics than one will ever need while boasting a great GPS mapping system. Battery life is long enough for all day rides as this computer will be great for training and competitive use.